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The on-board cable network is necessary for information exchange between on-board devices and the central computer, as well as for supplying power to these devices.

The satellite subsystems have two redundant connectors for connection to the on-board network. Thus, the device connected to the on-board network is not only available for information exchange, but it also provides the possibility of connecting through a “daisy-chain network” of subsequent subsystems in the sequence.

The information network is built on the bus architecture using serial RS-485 interfaces. It is important to note that for ease of installation, the power lines and the information network are combined into one loop. Subsystems are connected via the DB-9F (female-ended) connector on the harness side and DB-9M (male-ended) connector on the device side. Since different arrangements of the construction set elements are possible, the definition of the length of each loop, its configuration, and eventually the production is defined by the user.

A serial connection of all network devices is possible by implementing a “point-to-point” loop-type and creating branches using loops with more than two connectors.

When crimping the stub, it is important to recall from the installation instructions that the connectors should match as shown in the illustrations below.

Correct connection

Incorrect connection

The existing connector pin assignment (the purpose of each contact) minimizes the possibility of damage to the equipment if the user makes a wrong loop. However, it does not guarantee that the device can not be disabled in principle. We also note that user does not require special skills and tools to make and modify loops.

Important notes
It should be noted that despite its simplicity, the crimped connector on the cable requires accuracy. Before applying the clamping force, it is necessary to press the latch lightly in order to make sure that the conductors of the loop fall exactly between the contacts and only then finally snap the connector.

Correct crimping

Incorrect crimping

It is forbidden to connect devices that are not intended to be used “on-board” (“terrestrial” HF receiver and “terrestrial” telemetry receiver) with the on-board network equipment into one cable network. It is especially important to ensure that one cable network does not have a USB-RS485 ground segment connection cable and an on-board power supply system. Otherwise, the components of the construction set may be damaged.

The cable with two male connectors that is used for connecting a camera should not be longer than 40 cm. More information can be found in the article about the camera

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