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Arduino-Based Payload

 Arduino shield

The orbiter contains a mission-specific equipment that supports its main objective. This equipment, knows as payload, is what the orbiter was designed to carry in the first place.

The basic version of the Orbicraft construction set contains one type of payload – the still-image camera. Users can design their own payloads using the Arduino breadboard platform and software.

Data communications between the Arduino microcontroller and the orbiter computer take place using an extension board (a so-called shield) that mates with the microcontroller mainboard. The extension board contains a connector for interfacing with the cable network using a standard ribbon cable from the construction set. Various peripherals used in a variety of Arduino-based projects can be connected to this board. In our lessons we will show which projects can be implemented for the spacecraft payload.

Arduino Mega 2560 will be used for the Arduino board.

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