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If you face problems working with the construction set, please consult tips below and read the Recommendations for Users section carefully.

Unable to launch the program.

Read here on how to install the software correctly and how to write/run programs.

Unsure what code to use for a particular program.

Code examples in C and Python (2.7) are available on pages dealing with the respective subsystems.

Cannot receive images from camera

Read here on how to set up your software correctly for using the camera.

OPS powers down unexpectedly when starting the reaction wheel motor

The reaction wheel motor is a device with a high power draw. For that reason avoid starting it at high RPM. Write your programs so that the motor is accelerated in steps by no more than 500 RPM, set apart by 1-second intervals. You can view sample code in this section.

OPS powers down for unknown reason

Check OPS battery charge level. The battery must deliver an output voltage of at least 7.4VDC. An even higher voltage should be maintained when the reaction wheel is used. It is also possible that you have short-circuited pins in the ribbon cable (at its edges) or in connectors during operation. This causes OPS shutdown by protective circuitry. In some cases you won’t be able to power up the unit without unplugging it from mains and plugging it back.

There is no port named USB-SERIAL CH340 in MCC

Port name may differ due when different drivers are used. Whether that is the right port can be verified by checking if it appears in the list. When you unplug the USB cable and click Refresh port the port should disappear from the list and be back after you plug the USB cable back and click Refresh port. If that is the case, use this port for connections regardless of its name.

Additionally, make sure that your software is up-to-date. The most recent versions can be found here.
If you still have questions after having perused all these sections, please send your feedback.
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