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Web Interface of the Construction Set

A special web interface is used to upload programs to the construction set board and to debug the code. After connecting to the WiFi network, a web interface will be available from the “ground” computer at: The login / password by default is user1/user1.

The web interface allows you to download previously prepared software archives to the on-board computer, extract tasks from the archive, and run tasks for execution, bearing in mind that the web interface has constant operational access to the standard program output to the console.

Since it is not possible to immediately obtain information from the satellite in the real conditions of space, the access to this console will be limited during the flight of the satellite along the “orbit” in the laboratory. You can get some information from the board using only a standard telemetry radio channel and Mission Control Center software in time-limited communication sessions.

Also, the web interface allows you to connect to a local copy of the wiki page if there is no internet connection. These are available at:

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